On-Call Childcare

Planning a date night? Is your nanny out sick?  Request an on-call nanny!
Our on-call nannies undergo the same rigorous vetting as our long-term candidates.

How It Works

The Basics

  • On-Call is for families who are comfortable with us booking any nanny from our thoroughly vetted, fully screened On-Call nanny pool.
  • Call, email or text us the details of your request including date and time.
  • We will work on your request and email you a confirmation once we have booked a nanny for you.
  • The nanny will call you to confirm details.

The Details

  • We will only book a nanny for you that is qualified to work with your child’s age group. However, you can request your favorite nanny and we can check if she is available.
  • Let us know if driving will be required on the job, if your child is sick or if a parent will be at home.
  • We have an after-hours phone for emergency requests (same day or next day requests).
  • We require a 4 hour minimum for all of our on-call bookings.
  • Agency fees are non-refundable.
  • For cancellations with less than 12 hours’ notice, the nanny must be paid for the 4 hour minimum.
  • If you make a request for multiple days, we will most likely have to book multiple candidates. We aim for as much consistency as possible.



Annual Membership Fee $300
Placement Fee $30 per day
Emergency Placement Fee $55 per day
Trial Placement Fee $55 per day
Nanny Rate $20 per hour for 1 child
Nanny Rate for 0-6 month olds $25 per hour for 1 child
Nanny Rate for multiples under 1 year old $28 per hour
Additional children $1 more for each additional child
Rate for Household Support $25 per hour
Rate for Night Nannies $35 per hour for one child
$40 per hour for twins