Household Support

Family Assistant

A Family Assistant is there for the entire family.  They “complete the team” and assist busy parents (or their Household Manager) with their children’s day to day needs as well as helping with the running of the household. Responsibilities of a Family Assistant will vary depending on age of children and household needs.

Household Manager (with childcare)

A Household Manager (with childcare) is in charge of the day to day running of an individual’s or family’s household.  They can do some childcare as well but if young children are in involved the role is Family Assistant or Nanny. Responsibilities of a Household Manager vary depending on the need of the individual or family as well as the scope of their household.

Household Manager (without childcare)

A Household Manager (without childcare) keep the employer’s home running smoothly. A Household Manager is responsible for one property and performs many of the household tasks themselves.  The Household Manager reports directly to the employer or an Estate Manager.

Household Assistant

A Household Assistant works in a home environment providing domestic household support to a family or individual.   The specific responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the family or individual.

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant works directly with a couple or individual supporting them with their personal and household needs. The specific responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the individual but does not include domestic household duties.

Estate Staff

Estate Managers

Estate Managers serves as CEO of the owner’s property or multiple residences.  This is a high level position which involves delegating tasks and managing other staff.

Personal Chefs

Personal Chefs dedicate themselves solely to the culinary needs of the home, preparing meals for the family, other household staff members, and guests.


Couples are two individuals working as a team to provide domestic and personal services as needed for the care of the household and family.

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