Wedding and Party Childcare

Annie’s Nannies provides high quality childcare for events, tailoring activities and services to your specific needs
based on the number and ages of children. Skilled Nannies on-site allow your customers or guests to relax and enjoy the event!

We specialize in private parties, weddings, and corporate events. Our Event Director will work with you
to coordinate your event childcare to ensure that everything runs smoothly!


We require at least one month’s notice to work on a request. We require a final headcount of the number of children needing care two weeks prior to the event.

Event Location

Event locations must be within 30 miles of downtown Seattle.
We do not currently staff events that require ferry transportation.

Event Date

We currently only take on events scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Number of Children

We can staff nannies for a maximum of 40 children.

Fee Information

Annie’s Nannies employs and pays the Nannies for your event. The hourly rate of the nannies and nanny-manager include both agency fees and nanny wages.

Booking Fee $200
Deposit to Hold Date 50% of total cost estimate
Nanny Rate $40 per hour
Event Nanny-Manager $42 per hour
Annie’s Nannies Toy Box $10 per child

Number of Caregivers

When determining the number of caregivers you need for your event, keep in mind the following ratios. These are not absolute but can be helpful in the initial planning process. The ratios are structured as number of children to number of nannies.

Infants/Babies (up to 18 months) 1 to 2: 1
Toddlers (up to 3 years) 3: 1
Pre-School (up to 5 years) 4 to 5: 1
School Age (up to 14 years) 6 to 8:1