For Families

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Annie’s Nannies collaborates with you to create a custom job description that suits your family’s needs. We thoroughly screen and vet our candidates to ensure a perfect match.

Our comprehensive and expert consultation helps busy families like yours find support as swiftly as possible, so that you can get back to the most important thing: spending time with your family.

The Placement Process

No. 1 – A Consultation

Let’s get to know each other! During this call, we will determine your family’s unique needs and the qualities necessary to find the best candidate for your family.

No. 2 – Recruitment

We post your job description online and reach out to our candidate pool. We thoroughly vet and screen all of our candidates so you don’t have to.

No. 3 – The Candidates

We send you the resumes (and more!) of the candidates who best suit your position. You can set up interviews with your favorites.

The placement process typically takes about 2 to 6 weeks.

No. 4 – Hiring

We consult and guide you through the hiring process. We provide a complete employment package, including tax information, work agreements, and benefit guides.

No.5 – Ongoing Support

We offer our consultation services for the entirety of your candidate’s employment. If you are not satisfied with your hire in the first six months, we will search for a replacement. In addition, a free on-call membership is included for all families currently employing one of our providers.

Agency Fees


Search Fee

Placement Fee

Long-Term Placement $475* Based on the candidate’s annual gross salary:

16% for Nannies

17% for Family Assistants

18% for Household Managers

Short-Term Placement $475* $50 per day
Postpartum and Temporary Placement $300 $50 per day
*Includes access to our On-Call Service

Candidate Rates

Candidate Type

Current Rate Estimate

Nannies $23-35
Family Assistants and Household Assistants $25-35
Household Managers $30-40
Postpartum Caregivers $25-40
Compensation is based on the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position,
the duties included in the job description, and current market trends.

We offer discounts to several local companies.