by Crystal Gwinn

On-Call nannies provide top-notch care to children across The Greater Seattle Area while engaging with eager new families. That is no small feat! At ANI, we are proud of our dedicated team of caregivers and value their skill and professionalism. We are sharing our tips on how to be an all-star On-Call nanny!

Getting Ready

As with any other kind of job, the key to success is showing up prepared. ANI Nannies know that with children, expect the unexpected. To be as prepared as possible, plan plan plan! Plan what you’ll wear, what you’ll bring and definitely check (and recheck) your route.  You’ll be more likely to succeed – and impress the parents.

Dress practically! Neither too ‘dressy’ or ‘too casually’. Arrive clean and fresh, no perfumes. Need a suggestion? You can’t go wrong with dark pants or jeans, comfortable shoes and your ANI T-shirt! Remember that you represent the agency and the family.

Be Curious

It’s ok to arrive with lists of activities and crafts. It’s also ok to ask parents beforehand if their kids have any preferences. Are you going to need rainboots? Extra craft supplies? Magnifying glass? Bubbles?  Fill a tote with goodies to engage (and dazzle) the children.

Here are a few suggested questions to ask when you confirm with the family:

  • Do the children enjoy arts and crafts?
  • Do they prefer indoor or outdoor activities?
  • What kinds of games do they like to do?
  • Do they love books?
  • Make sure you take into account the kids’ ages!

Make a GREAT first impression!

Meeting a new family can be intimidating- luckily you are a dedicated pro and to keep a few key things in mind. Remember to be enthusiastic and open – not afraid to show your bubbly side and energy! Smile and make eye contact to show you are listening and you are open.

Go Get ‘Em!

Be confident and positive when you first interact with the parents. Some parents are ready to run out the door, some may have time to chit-chat. Read their cues! Make sure you ask pertinent questions, engage quickly with the children, and show that you are a true professional. Treat children with the same level of respect that you would pay to their parents.

Everyday is an Adventure!

Be sure to keep the children engaged- we know that screen time (yours and theirs) will be at an absolute minimum. Use your judgement to provide a variety of learning activities, games, rest time and creativity. Keep in mind any special requests or scheduling cues given by parents.

Here is the go-to checklist for STAR On-call nannies!

  • Confirm the address with parents as soon as you’ve accepted the job
  • Plan your route ahead of time
  • Arrive on-time
  • Be friendly and confident!
  • No heavy perfumes/odors
  • Be prepared to keep kids active and engaged
  • Bring your own snacks- never expect a meal to be provided
  • Keep your phone put away
  • Ask parents for emergency numbers/unexpected deliveries, etc.
  •  You’ve got this!

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