by Nicole Griswold

Your sweet little bundle is here, and you want time to stand still as you soak in their tiny little features. While I may not have the power to stop time completely, my title as a full-time Seattle area newborn photographer can indeed help you remember it all.

Who: I just want good photos. How do I know you’re the right photographer for us?

Hi there! I’m Nicole Griswold. Allow me to introduce myself as I’m a guest writer on this blog. I am a full-time newborn, child, and family photographer located here in the Seattle area. I serve a large part of the Puget Sound and commute to locations all over Western Washington capturing birth moments, new life, and family memories.

Before I started my business five years ago, I was a nanny for over fifteen years through Annie’s Nannies. It was through ANI that I was introduced to Newborn Care Specialist training and jobs, and my deep love for newborns only grew stronger.

What: I have a quick-moving stealth ninja toddler too. How fast is your shutter?

My biggest goal in a newborn session is safe posing and comfortable babies and families. My training and experience have shaped a strong desire to always follow baby’s cues and strictly adhere to safe posing standards. I am a firm believer in creating a safe space for all to heal during the fourth trimester. Therefore many of my newborn photos are centered around family snuggling baby, unposed and imperfectly perfect.

Your goal as a family during our time together is to relax, interact, and allow me to practice my years of experience as a childcare provider on any squirrely toddler or older sibling that may not be having it! I understand this is a shock to their universe, and I look forward to turning our time into a fun experience for all.

Where: My house is a wreck, where do we do photos?

I promise I won’t tell anyone about your laundry pile if you don’t tell them about mine. I understand the new tiny bundle in your arms has wreaked havoc on your life, and you may not have everything done on your chores list when I arrive. My job is to work around your chaos to create timeless memories so you remember how baby felt in your arms, the tiny little squeaks she made when you brushed her cheek, and the smell of the soft baby fuzz on top of her head. I’m not worried about trends or how your house is decorated, but rather capturing lifelong memories.

When: How soon can you get here? Can I nap while you photograph my kids?

If you still aren’t convinced that your home is where you want to capture your new little one, I also offer sessions in the space you gave birth in the first 48-hours of life. For in-home sessions, I typically try to schedule them between four days and fourteen days to allow for milk to come in if you’re breastfeeding, and for you to get a bit more comfortable at home. There’s no need to be concerned about if baby is fussy or awake; my training as a Newborn Care Specialist and Professional Nanny of over 15 years gives me the confidence and patience needed to capture baby just as they are without any additional fret.

It is a privilege and honor to be one of the first people invited into your home after baby is born. I look forward to capturing this sacred space with you!

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