By Crystal Nelson

Annie’s Nannies is thrilled to present our first ANI Spotlight: Lindsay Rylander!

Lindsay has been a true all-star On-Call Nanny and ANI is so proud to work with her! We’ve loved getting to know Lindsay through the superior service she provides ANI families. Recently, we’ve had the chance to pick her brain on what makes her laugh, what melts her heart, and who inspires her.

How did you become involved in working with families and children?

Initially through volunteering at summer kids’ programs and working for The Boy’s and Girl’s Club as a teen. Since then, even when I had other employment, I have always worked with children in some capacity. Recently, I quit a stressful corporate job and reflected on what I wanted to do next. Being a career nanny just happened. Like when a pet chooses you. A short-term nanny job literally came to me, and just like that, I knew. I suddenly looked forward to going to work!


What do you love about your job?

Once a connection has been formed with a child… being greeted by the child(ren) with endearment.


What do you love about working in the Pacific Northwest?

Many options from handson experiences for children. From museums, zoos, exhibitions, to rural outdoor activities.


What is your proudest accomplishment as a Nanny/Postpartum Provider/Family Assistant/ Household Manager?

I was working a hotel care job with a parent nervous to leave their children, reasonably so, as they were traveling internationally and had just met me. On the second day, said parent was wanting to come back early for the sake of the kids. Just as they were about to send me home early, both kids said “Papa, no, go back to your event, please don’t send her home yet, we want her to stay!” Melt my heart. The parent could tell the kids were safe and enjoying themselves. By the next day, the parent had given me free reign for activities, and trusted me to care for his children.


What makes you laugh?

Mr. Bean!


Who’s your hero?

My Grandmother. Friendship and connection are priorities to her. At 95, she still hosts movie night with her circle of friends.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you travel on an epic adventure?

Norway. I would visit all the areas my relatives originated from.


What do you love most about a rainy day?

Cozying up and watch movies all day without feeling guilty!


Why did you come to ANI?

Over 10 years ago a colleague of mine was in search of a nanny via Annie’s Nannies. When ANI sent their first provider to her door, she just knew the agency had really done their vetting. “That’s the one, they nailed it!” When I personally decided to make it a career, Annie’s Nannies was the first to come to mind. Wondering if they were still even in business, I found ANI online and immediately applied. From my first phone call, I experienced the same top-notch service for my search as the childcare provider. Suzanne, ANI’s Placement Director, even remembered my friend who was a nanny placement from 10 years ago. Talk about personalized customer service!

In my previous nanny experience, I had been blessed by recommendations and did not have to network for opportunities. In my current search, I feel confident actually ‘performing’ the role of childcare provider, however, I quickly realized I’m not an expert navigating the ‘matching’ part. This is why I’m grateful that Annie’s Nannies exists. Not only does ANI support the families, they equally advocate for the best outcome for providers!


This is our first entry in our new ongoing blog feature, featuring our amazing ANI Nannies! 

If you’d like to nominate an ANI Nanny for our Spotlight Series, please contact Crystal at [email protected].