familyassistantDo you know the #1 most requested type of nanny we hear about day in and day out? It’s the Family Assistant. What is a Family Assistant you ask?  A Family Assistant is a nanny who is also an assistant to the parent/s or household manager.   She provides another pair of hands to assist busy parents with creating a safe and nurturing environment for their children and the management of the household.  Why is this so popular? The more both parents work, and the busier our lives get, the more help a family needs.  This job is typically with school age children (but can include younger children), and is usually about a 60/40 balance of household duties and childcare.  Theses jobs usually range between 30-40 hours/week.

The #1 requested household duty? Cooking.  If you can shop for, prep and/or cook a meal 3-5 nights/week, we have tons of jobs for you!  Now, that can’t be your only skill set, although it’s big one. You also have to enjoy the mundane domestic tasks of family life: laundry, dishes, errand running, pet care, and organizational projects. To be a super star Family Assistant, you need to be so

meone who sees all that needs to be done and manages it every week with little need to ask the parents how to get it all done. And drive. You have to like to drive and schlep kids to all their activities every week.

Lastly, you have to be willing to work a schedule that is primarily afternoon into evening. Most of these jobs start between Noon-2pm and go until 6pm-8pm.  Now I know this is not an ideal schedule (we hear this every day), but think about this:

#1. You will miss all the peak traffic times. Hooray!
#2. You can get in that morning workout/yoga class/walk your dog and generally have a slow start to your day.
#3. Families with this type of job description usually are looking for Family Assistants to stay with them forever!! If you want job security, this is the job. Even when the children get older and can do some of their own care, the parents still need that support person at home. Career lo

ngevity people!

How do I get this job you ask?  If you don’t already have the resume-cred with these types of jobs, you can do several things. Take a cooking class (see above about’s what they want).  If you don’t have a ton of experience with school age children, start volunteering with various organizations that cater to the 8yr-15yr age group. Start babysitting for families with these age children. Take a “parenting class” on how to talk to teenagers!  And of course, call us…we want you!

**Fall is THE Family Assistant hiring time. ANI already has families lining up to hire their FA between now and September.  If this job description is what you are looking for, get us your resume today!